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SACSCOCFifth-Year Accreditation Review

VCU Quality Enhancement Plan overview (Pre-Site-Visit)

What is the VCU Quality Enhancement Plan?
The Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, is a requirement of the SACSCOC’s reaffirmation of accreditation process. It outlines a course of action that addresses issues related to enhancing the student experience.

VCU’s QEP is called Learning that Matters: Building a culture of generalizable education, and directly aligns with Quest for Distinction, the university’s overall strategic plan to become the premier urban, public research university focused on academic success.

The QEP leadership team conducted a collaborative planning process, engaging students, faculty and staff from across the university.

What is learning that matters in a culture of generalizable education?
The VCU QEP aspires to provide our students with pathways to learning that matters by means of a cultural commitment to generalizable education — an education that has substantial and lasting impact beyond any particular course, major or degree.

A culture of generalizable education is built upon student learning and the learning environment.

Student learningLearning environment

Pillar I

Discovering Connections: Tier II of the VCU Core Curriculum

Pillar II

Contributing to a Networked World: Digital Engagement

Pillar III

Mapping Your Journey: Academic Advising

Pillar IV

Finding Your Vocation: Career Planning and Professional Development


The institution has developed an acceptable Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that includes an institutional process for identifying key issues emerging from institutional assessment and focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution.

The institution has developed a Quality Enhancement Plan that (1) demonstrates institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP; (2) includes broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and pro posed implementation of the QEP; and (3) identifies goals and a plan to assess their achievement.